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Our corn maze is an activity that all ages can enjoy: young families pushing a stroller, youngsters, teenagers, young couples, middle aged adults, or even 70-80 year old "kids".

Walking the Maze
Mastered the Maze

Our corn maze is approximately 7 acres. If you were to walk every path in the maze, you would walk approximately 1 mile. When planning your trip to PUMPKINLAND, allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for the maze.

Our 2013 Corn Maze features a stegosaurus dinosaur.
2013 Mazeland
In 2012 our Corn Maze was a picture of a cow jumping over the moon.
2012 Mazeland

For an extra challenge you can look for the hidden mailboxes. If you find them all you will receive a treat from our concession stand. If you would like to schedule an after dark trip through the maze give us a call at 712-737-8364, and don't forget to bring your flashlight!

Hidden Mailbox
Corn Maze



Down on our farm you'll find llamas, goats, sheep, turkeys, ducks, geese, peacocks, exotic chickens, kittens, puppies, bunnies, and even a painted turtle.

Petting Zoo
The kittens are soft and cuddly.
The bunnies are very huggable.
Our goats love to climb on their Goat Tower!
Goat Tower
The puppies are lovable and lazy!


"Cliff the Goat", who has become recently famous, lives at PUMPKINLAND

Cliff the Goat
Cliff the Goat

"Cliff the Goat"

Lisa and Hannah


"Cliff the Goat" is the star of the book "I'm the Only One Who Loves Cliff the Goat" written by Lisa Laird and illustrated by Hannah Jorgensen, both of Orange City. Cliff, a pygmy goat, lived with Lisa Laird and her family on the edge of town from spring 2003 through summer 2005. For the first year, Cliff was "a good little goat". But, then Cliff decided he did not like being confined, and started getting into trouble. All of the things described in Lisa's book actually happened and it finally became obvious that to keep peace in the neighborhood, Cliff could no longer stay with the Lairds. So 2 1/2 years into Cliff's life, he returned to the Huitink's farm where he was born, and back to PUMPKINLAND. Now, Cliff receives lots of visitors who have read the book, and want to meet the mischievous goat.

Alan, Lisa's husband, and Lisa also wrote a book entitled "Cows Can Be Scary". Lisa provides family and children's entertainment with her friends at "Pockets Full of Fun". Lisa's programs are fun-filled with ventriloquism, magic tricks, stories, and music which will entertain, encourage, and educate.

Check out Lisa Laird's web site at www.pocketsfulloffun.com.

Book Cover

"I'm the Only One Who Loves Cliff the Goat"

Soft cover - ($12.50)
Hard cover - ($19.00)


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